Are the batteries in rechargeable fans replaceable?2020-05-25T04:07:44-05:00

No, the rechargeable batteries cannot be replaced.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my fan?2020-05-25T04:07:19-05:00

Yes, you can use rechargeable batteries in our fans. While alkaline batteries have a voltage output of 1.5 volts, NiMH rechargeable batteries only output 1.2 volts of power. Therefore, the speed rate of the fan will not be quite as powerful as with the alkaline batteries.

If there are batteries in the fan and you plug it into an electrical outlet, will the fan automatically use the electricity and override the batteries? Or, will it run down the batteries as well?2020-05-25T04:06:47-05:00

When the AC adapter is plugged into the fan, it disconnects the batteries and only uses the power from the AC adapter

How do I clean my fan?2020-05-25T04:06:19-05:00

Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not allow water to drip into the fan. Do not disassemble.

What should I do when I store my fan?2020-05-25T04:05:51-05:00

When storing your fan for more than two weeks, you should remove the batteries.

My fan is not working, what should I do?2020-05-25T04:05:29-05:00

If fan does not operate, verify batteries or supplied adapter are installed correctly and that nothing is obstructing the fan blade.

What happens if I install my batteries incorrectly?2020-05-25T04:05:05-05:00

There is a risk of leakage from the batteries if they are installed incorrectly. Please follow the instructions.

Can I mix old and new batteries in my fan? Or batteries of different types?2020-05-25T04:04:38-05:00

No, you should never mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types.  A caution warning is displayed in all of our instruction manuals.  For best performance, always use fresh alkaline batteries.

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