Replacement Filters for Drop Light Humidifier (5 Pack)


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REPLACEMENT FILTERS for our Rechargeable Night Light Humidifier with Lights

FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: We recommend replacing the filter every 3-4 months

SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Open the cover counterclockwise.  Gently pull out the clear tube and remove used cotton filter.  Dispose of used cotton filter in trash.  Completely soak filter before placing into tube. Close cover

INCLUDES: Set of 5 Replacement Filters

DIMENSIONS: 5.35 inches/149 mm length x 0.31 inch/8 mm in diameter


11 in stock

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Our TREVA replacement filters work with our TREVA Drop Light Humidifier.  We recommend replacing your humidifier filter every 3 – 4 months based on usage for optimal performance.


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