How do I contact customer service?

For any customer service inquiries you may have. We are here to help! Click here to fill out our customer care contact form.

What countries do you ship to?

We currently only ship within the United States.​

Where do I send returns?

For more information about returns, pleasecontact customer support.


Can I mix old and new batteries in my fan? Or batteries of different types/brands?

No, you should never mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types. A caution warning is displayed in all our instruction manuals.  For best performance, always use fresh alkaline batteries.

What happens if I install my batteries incorrectly?

There is a risk of leakage from the batteries if they are installed incorrectly. Please follow the instructions and markings on the battery compartment.  

If there are batteries in the fan, and you plug it into an electrical outlet with the AC adapter, will the fan automatically use the electricity and override the batteries?  Or will it run down the batteries as well? 

When the AC adapter is plugged into the fan, it disconnects the batteries and only uses the power from the AC adapter

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my fan? 

Yes, you can use rechargeable batteries in our fans. While alkaline batteries have a voltage output of 1.5 volts, NiMH rechargeable batteries only output 1.2 volts of power. Therefore, the speed rate of the fan will not be quite as powerful as with the alkaline batteries.

Are the batteries in rechargeable fans replaceable?

No, they are not replaceable. 

My fan is not working, what should I do?

If the fan does not operate, verify batteries and/or supplied adapter are installed correctly and that nothing is obstructing the fan blade.  For further assistance, please contact customer service here.

The built-in rechargeable batteries are not charging, what should I do? 

Verify the charger is powered and works for other devices. Check that the charger is rated a minimum of700 mA current. Make sure the cord set is not damaged, replace with similar micro USB charging cable for phones.

What should I do when I store my fan? 

When storing your fan for more than two weeks, please remove the batteries.  

How do I clean my fan?

Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not allow water to drip into the fan. Do not disassemble.


How often should I replace the cotton wicks in my humidifier? 

We recommend changing the wicks every 30 days with normal usage. 

My humidifier isn’t spraying mist, what should I do?

  • Check water level of reservoir.  Add water if level if low.  
  • With a well-soaked wick installed, briefly operate with the nozzles downward to see if the ultrasonic mister is working. If it works with the nozzle downward but not facing up, the spring in the filter cage may be missing or damaged. Check that correct size wick is used, wick must be loose in the filter cage and bounce back when pressed into the cage. Wick must contact the ultrasonic mister on the bottom side of the misting head.
  • Water has covered the ultrasonic misting nozzles. Blot dry and re-start.
  • Ultrasonic misting nozzles are clogged with minerals. Use a cotton swab moistened with distilled white vinegar to gently clean the front and back sides of the ultrasonic mister. Do not rub hard, blot away excess vinegar. 
  • Wick is loaded with minerals from the tap water. Turn wick over and put opposite end against the misting head or replace wick.

How do I clean my humidifier?

Always turn off and unplug the unit before cleaning. Do not leave humidifier standing in water when not in use. Change the wick every 30 days. Discard water and wick if mist has unpleasant smell. Do not wash the top of the product directly with water. Use a dry cloth to clean. Water reservoir may be hand washed with soapy water.  Do not immerse humidifier top enclosure in water or allow water to drip into enclosure. Allow humidifier and wick to dry completely before storing. 

Can I use essential oils in TREVA humidifiers?

No, our humidifiers cannot be used with essential oils.